our work

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies around the world building sophisticated data-driven applications. Below are some examples of our work.

Clinic Seeker

Clinic Seeker was created to ensure that Canadians could easily access the information they need with the click of a button. No more searching the web or making endless phone calls to find out which facilities are open and what services are available.


Thriver is a web-based platform designed for parents of children that struggle in school. Designed and researched by John Reed, a leading UK pediatric neuroscientist, Thriver combines traditional cognitive science techniques with leading edge brain training principle to deliver a comprehensive platform of engaging brain games and cloud based analytics to provide parents with actionable interventions for their child.


WeCam is a social video chat platform for Android and iOS, delivering state-of-the-art, peer-to-peer encrypted audio and video messaging app worldwide allowing people to interact with their social media contacts in a new and exciting way. With over a quarter of a million users around the globe, WeCam was at the forefront of the video chat revolution.


iShowroom is a new vehicle product information system currently installed in over 4,000 FCA dealerships across North America. The 55” high resolution touchscreen monitor allows customers and salespeople to interact with product information on the showroom floor. Training is also delivered through this scalable platform.


eLearning - The Online Teachers Education Portal provides module-based training for teachers new to the school system. Our custom Learning Management System provides a secure environment for training on web and mobile devices. Just in time training is the new way to train your employees on their own devices in real time


MOMtab - Computers are too complicated for seniors to use and interact with daily and caregivers are primarily responsible for making sure it works. Caregivers need an easy to setup and use technology solution. Fifty million aging Baby Boomers are sparking demand for products and environments that accommodate their changing physical and sensory capabilities. MOMtab is an Android-based, in home tablet solution that connects seniors with family members and caregivers through an easy to use intuitive cloud-based platform.